What's BLINKR?

BLINKR is a wearable LED accessory primarily meant to help those on a bicycle to better express their intentions while in traffic.
Light, compact, waterproof and, of course, cool, we aim to make roads safer by helping the user to signal while riding.

Key Features

Water resistant

You can wear BLINKR when it's raining outside and clean it using your washer.

Easy to use

You can easily power, put on and take off the BLINKR smart-strap.

Compact form factor

BLINKR can be folded many times, so it doesen't take a lot of space in your bag.


BLINKR gives you the power to chose the pattern and colors you desire.

How do I use it?

BLINKR is controlled by two buttons placed on your handlebars and, if you're riding something else, you may also access it from a mobile app. With the help of its sensors, BLINKR can tell if you're leaning one way or the other and use that to signal in case you forget to, also sensing when you're braking.
It's largely customizable as far as colors and animations go and it charges by micro-USB, with a battery that easily lasts a full day – all so you don't have to worry about a thing while riding.

BLINKR Smart App

Coming later this year on Google Play!

Signalize your traffic position

With the BLINKR Smart App you can signalize your position in traffic fairly easy. You can either use the left and right buttons integrated in the app or you can take advantage of your smarthpone gyroscope by tilting it in the direction you want to go.

Get directions with vibrations

The BLINKR Smart App can help you find your way without looking at your smartphone. It connects to the small vibration motors present in the BLINKR smart-strap and suggests the turns you should take.

Easily track your rides

Now, with the BLINKR Smart App, you can also GPS track your bike, skateboard or scooter activities. The app gives you insights into duration, speed and distance you've traveled.

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Brands That Trust Us

Starting with small and medium businesses and all the way to multi-national corporations.


Saviors on two wheels. The teens who invent the future.
What they've acomplished, at just 17 years old, no school had taught them.
All began from an idea. A victorious idea!
They are the proof that we can do it in Romania, if we have determination and vision.



Entrepreneur at just 18 years old: Luca Știrbăț makes cyclist's life much easier. It’s been 2 years since the teenager has started pedaling through the entrepreneurship poles. He’s got a business partner, development team, crowdfunding and the first products in stock, ready to ship. They started right and there’s no doubt they’ll succeed. BLINKR is just the beginning.

Elite of Romania


Cycling can be dangerous sometimes. Particularly when cyclists are disturbed in traffic, or, even worse, when they’re not seen by the drivers. Things might change. An invention that belongs to a group of Romanian students will help cyclists to be better observed in the city, so they can ride safely. All of that with the help of BLINKR, the smart-strap that lets cyclists signalize every intention to move.

TVR News


Cycling in Bucharest is often seen as an act of courage. Two high school students thought it was time to take action. Luca Ştirbăţ and Călin Ungurean joined their knowledge and forces to implement their idea of ​​making cyclist's life easier. They’ve created BLINKR, a system that lets you signalize what you’re doing in traffic with the help of LEDs that can be easily seen.

Red Bull

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